Chicken Cocido

Do you want healthy meat option? Try chicken cocido. Chicken without its skin is a healthy meat. Most dishes served to the family include chicken.

Arroz a la Valenciana (Rice Casserole)

This recipe is a local version of the Spanish dish “paella”. Arroz a la Valenciana is a complete meal, a one-dish meal of meat, rice and vegetables.

Fresh Lumpia

You, too, can enjoy delicious fresh lumpia right in your own home. Just follow this fresh lumpia recipe. This recipe yields 10 servings.

Oriental Rice Chicken Salad

Filipino palate is compatible with Oriental dishes like Oriental Rice Chicken Salad made with pineapple and chicken breast with vegetables.

Chicken Soup

The most common choice for chicken soup is a quick mix of chicken fillet sauteed with vegetables. Children will always enjoy their meal with this chicken soup recipe.

Chicken Empanaditas

Try this great-tasting chicken empanaditas (chicken turnovers) recipe if you’re looking for a merienda recipe.