Monggo Car-Car Style

Mongo beans are rich in minerals like calcium, iron and potassium. With very low fat content, mongo beans is good foir reducing weight

Paksiw na Saluyot

<![CDATA[Here’s another paksiw recipe that you will really enjoy. Paksiw na Saluyot Save Print Ingredients 3 bundles saluyot leaves 1¾ tbsps. vinegar 1½ tsps. garlic, chopped and pounded 1½ tbsps. Bagoong balayan 3 tbsps. Water or stock salt and pepper Instructions Dissolve bagoong Balayan in water. Set aside. Heat pan with a little water and add … Read more

Sauteed Radish

<![CDATA[Sauteed radish (or kilawin labanos in Filipino) is one of my favorite Philippine vegetable dishes. Its tinge of sourness reminds me of sinigang, without all the soup. Sauteed Radish Save Print Ingredients 1 cup radish, cut into thin coins ¼ cup pig liver, sliced ¼ cup pork, sliced ¼ cup pig heart, sliced ¼ cup … Read more

Squash Blossoms in Coconut Milk

Try this delicious squash blossoms in coconut milk recipe, known in the Philippines as “guinataang bulaklak ng kalabasa”.

Chicken Cocido

Do you want healthy meat option? Try chicken cocido. Chicken without its skin is a healthy meat. Most dishes served to the family include chicken.


Dinengdeng is an Ilocano recipe made with vegetables and grilled fish made tasty by bagoong Balayan.

Peanut Sauce for Fresh Lumpia

<![CDATA[Here’s our very own peanut sauce recipe for fresh lumpia. I especially love it with garlicky peanut dipping over the crepe. Peanut Sauce for Fresh Lumpia Save Print Ingredients 10 cloves garlic ½ cup roasted pecans (peanuts if you prefer), roughly chopped 1 tbsp peanut oil 1 clove garlic, crushed ½ cup brown sugar (maybe … Read more

Fresh Lumpia

You, too, can enjoy delicious fresh lumpia right in your own home. Just follow this fresh lumpia recipe. This recipe yields 10 servings.


<![CDATA[ Pinakbet is originally an Ilocano dish, but it’s popular all over the Philippines. Many other regions have their own versions of the pinakbet. But, of course, the Ilocanos still make the best pinakbet. Pinakbet is a vegetarian dish that is perfect for those who are on diet. Pinakbet Save Print Ingredients 2 tbsp bagoong … Read more

Laing or Taro Leaves in Cocomilk (Bicol's Pride)

<![CDATA[Bicolanos are known for the vegetable dish “laing”. There’s “something” in the way they cook the dish that makes it all the more appetizing, aside from the chili pepper of course. It isn’t “itchy”. Here’s the secret to this delicious and nutritious vegetable dish without the itch…take it from a laing expert. 🙂 Laing or … Read more