Squash Blossoms in Coconut Milk

Try this delicious squash blossoms in coconut milk recipe, known in the Philippines as “guinataang bulaklak ng kalabasa”.

Milkfish Crispies

Looking for new and exciting recipe for an appetizer? Surprise your guests with this crispy milkfish (bangus in Filipino) recipe.

Crab in Black Bean Sauce

Are you looking for a great crab recipe? Try this scrumptious crab in black bean sauce recipe!

Chicken Cocido

Chicken minus its skin is a healthy meat option. Most dishes served to the family include chicken. Cook up something new like this chicken cocido recipe. And just in case you’re wondering, cocido is Spanish for stew.

Jackfruit with Crab in Coconut Milk

Bicolano dishes are often cooked in coconut milk (gata in Filipino). One of my favorite Bicolano dishes this jackfruit with crab in coconut milk recipe. Locally, it’s called ginataang langka sa alimango. Whenever my mother would cook this dish, I always hold out for the last serving from the pot or casserole — because that’s where all the flavor is!

Milkfish Tic-Tac-Toe

Are you tired of the usual fried milkfish (bangus) dish that you serve? Make your mealtimes more exciting with this new bangus tic-tac-toe recipe.